Onaya Foundation

Onaya Foundation

The foundation of Onaya is embedded into a belief system of "to give is to grow". For the last many decades, they have been weaving class and elegance to create an endless range of exquisite suits and sarees to cater the needs of those who appreciate quality, design and craftsmanship. It is this overpowering spirit of collective growth, present across the Onaya brand, that became the guiding light to set up Onaya Foundation - a space where life and things are valued, cherished and respected. The foundation nurtures our noble ideas into a state of reality by developing them into actionable plans and executing them diligently.

This social initiative aims to work towards three aspects, each of which are closely linked to the values Onaya resonates with - (1) To uplift the community, by creating opportunities of self-growth, sustenance and empowerment, (2) To promote environmental sustainability as a concept, and promote mass participation, and (3) To give back and contribute towards the social, environmental and cultural realms of the society and complete the cycle of nature that provides us with all its precious resources.


Katran, which can be loosely translated to mean the "scraps of cloth", is Onaya's intiative to convert waste into wealth. The project involves weaving the leftover pieces of fabric, rejected while making Onaya garments, into newly designed garments for little girls in need. In an industry where it is extremely challenging to curb waste generation entirely, Katran is a step towards that direction. By forming new outfits out of scrap, not are we practicing upcycling and waste minimization, but we also strive to create social wealth to meet the needs of those less fortunate. Onaya believes that every woman is special, and why should an under-privileged girl child aged between two and eight be any exception? Thus, after a particular garment leaves the Onaya workshop, all the excess material is collected, and patched into an outfit that a young girl would love to wear and feel special. 30 days' waste helps create a hundred such dresses

This initiative first saw light in April, 2018, when Onaya partnered with a few NGOs and distributed these little gifts May onwards to several little women - to celebrate their uniqueness.


Chhaon is another social initiative stemming out of Onaya Foundation, which motivates individuals to plant the seeds symbolizing love in fond memory of their loved ones, and stay rooted to Mother Nature in thought and action, always.

The idea is simple and hearfelt - where a person is motivated to plant a tree and dedicate it to the memory of a special, departed soul. The growing sapling is representative of the evergreen love shared between two people, which continues to thrive long after life moves on, thus immortalizing a pure feeling of goodness.

This project was first started this project on Earth Day 2019, when 100 saplings of mango trees to the karigars at Onaya, and they were urged to plant them to celebrate their memory with someone they hold close. Through this initiative, Onaya aspires to plant as many saplings as possible, with a set target of at least a hundred every month. "

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