Garment Construction

Garment Construction

We have an extensive network of over seven hundred Karigars, spanning across the country, who weave exquisite outfits for the Onaya woman. Our working process involves combining the blooming creativity of young textile enthusiasts who are in touch with the contemporary, modern sensibilities of today, along with the heritage embroidery and artistic temperament of the artisans, based out of the far-off villages in India.


Team Onaya is budding with young individuals, who have a flare for aesthetic creativity and an eye for all things fashion. They take on extensive research projects to analyze the upcoming and current trends in the ethnic apparel industry, and pen down ideas to create designs that are appealing to look at, and comfortable to wear.


The sketching team then translates the thoughts of our ideators into detailed, designed sketches. They carve out the silhouettes, tracing out the minute details to give form and representation to the documented fashion forecasts.

Fabric Selection

The next step of the designing process is putting physical form to the beautiful designs created on paper. Our merchandisers and textile experts procure soft, high-quality, pure and long-lasting fabrics, depending on the design ideas and requirements. Our specialists ensure that the fabric and suggested designing meet the sensibilities of the target buyer, and are in accordance with Onaya price points.

Pattern Cutting Icon

Pattern Cutting

All the elements of a garment, such as the sleeves, the back, the front, etc., are chalked out on brown paper. This paper is used as a reference chart to help the tailor trim the fabric in shape. All the separate, inividual cloth cuttings are then joined together.
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This is the step where bare pieces of cloth become stunning outfits that our customers love to wear. Our network of over seven hundred karigars work hard to translate the ideas of our designers into a mesmerising reality. Their artistic capabilities and handicraft skills knows no bounds, and they weave motifs, stones and heritage crafts with neat precision and finesse.
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Once the printing, embroidery and embellishments are done, these semi-finished dresses are stitched to conceal the ends and add the final, finishing touches to the outfit. After this final stitching, the garment is ready to be worn.
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Quality Check

Before the ready garment is displayed at our flagship store, or dispatched to a customer, it undergoes a strict quality check to make sure there are no loose threads or imperfections in the outfit. The fabric is checked to make sure it is not losing color, the designs are checked for errors and the silhouette is checked for any loose stitches.