About Us

About Us


At Onaya, our talented weavers create hundreds of unique ensemle every day. Our meticulous detailing and eye for flawless perfection, paired with our sincerity and dedication to procure the highest-quality fabrics, and stitch them into carefully-crafted cuts and patterns - sets us apart and makes us veterans in the industry. We don't just design apparel - we deliver an experience, where we celebrate YOU together.


We, at Onaya, believe that for an organisation to prosper in its true sense, it should work towards the greater good, and build an institution where the purpose surpasses profits. Therefore, we work to empower women - whether it is through delivering utmost customer satisfaction to our clients, or providing employment opportunities to our workers. Our operations are embedded in a framework that ensures minimum wastage, and we enhance our quality of work life by building a setup in the heart of nature - surrounded by lush green vibrance.


Our People is the lifeblood of Onaya. We refer to People in singular because we believe that together, we are one. We strive to uplift those around us in our own little ways, because it is only when we give, that we truly receive. Our working processes rest on the compassionate, zealous shoulders of our artists, weavers and karigars - over a thousand in number - who are the backbone of Onaya. In India, the essence of womanhood is synonymous to "ma" - the selfless giver. Thus, our creative ideation and procurement finds its way back to Indian handlooms and handicrafts. We try to celebrate the giving spirit of our motherland, and rekindle the lost spark for her fine legacy and rich heritage. Finally, the most important aspect of our people is YOU - Onaya is built to understand you, to serve you, and to grow with you.

Positive Thinking

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "It is difficult, but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business." We, at Onaya welcome challenges. Thus, we believe in practicing patience, honesty and integrity in all that we do. Right from our creative processes to our marketing endeavors, we stay true to our work as well as our worth. We practice dynamicity to evolve with changing times, but stay rooted to stand by our virtues.