2017 Campaign

Get ready to steal the show – just like any ‘showstopper’ who is the last one to walk on the ramp with the most gorgeous outfit and manages to wash out the impact of the other outfits showcased. Or just like any bride who is the last one to define what embellishment is by washing out the impact of all the other designer wear in the crowd. Any woman in an Onaya outfit is a showstopper as she readies herself in a brightly-lit, extravagant green room and throws a quick glance at herself in the mirror right before stepping out to reveal her most distinctive outfit.

Onaya X Gold

Onaya considers it to be an honour to be associated with the upcoming movie, “Gold” starring Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy. It is a movie that depicts a pre-independent Bengal in all its glory, acquainting the present generation with an era when Bengal lead the way in sports and fashion. And while “Gold” is a cinematic portrayal of a fairy tale based on a real story, Onaya is a house to fairy tales that are woven with a needle and thread, bridging the vintage and the vogue, linking the traditional with the modern.

By drawing inspiration from the traditional Bengali attires as shown in “Gold,” Onaya proves that it is more than just a trader. It is a fashion house that invests in research and development before coming up with new and innovative designs every day.

Thus, Onaya’s Gold collection reveals the best of traditional Bengali wear through cheery colours and earthy tones, catering the various forms of hand embroidery through zardozi work, aari work and more. Through this endeavour, Onaya proves that we are focussed on preserving the old Bengal’s fashion wear while revealing its charm to the modern national and global fashion market.

Instagram sensantion

We were late to the game, but that did not deter us from creating a buzz. From knowing about how a piece of cloth is made, to knowing about the person who made it, from being updated about our everyday activities to knowing about what is the next big thing in our mind. Our Instagram family gets a taste of Onaya like no other, come join the family and get a sneak peek into the world of Onaya.

Fashion Show Onaya 2018

Onaya presents “Back to Bling” at the Kolkata Fashion Expo 2018. As Onaya readies a dazzling wedding collection inspired by the glitz of Bollywood for the final act at the Kolkata Fashion Expo – brace yourself for an offbeat & glamorous collection of outfits designed for the new-age Indian bride.

Onaya Foundation

We believe in creating a world where life and things are valued, cherished, respected. And it is this belief that propelled us to come up with Onaya Foundation – an initiative through which we aim to uplift the community, promote environmental sustainability and empower the society by returning more to it.

The foundation ensures the actualization of our noble endeavours through various projects. The foundation is rooted in our belief that we must give back to the society and complete the cycle of nature that provides us with all its precious resources. Currently, we have two active projects, one which converts waste to wealth by creating new garments out of waste materials for little girls. Second project aims to immortalize our loved ones by planting trees that will be dedicated to the memories of these people. We would love you to be a part of our noble journey towards making a difference.

Media Coverage

Onaya has been featured multiple times in T2 Kolkata and Sanmarg, two of the most renowned newspapers of Kolkata.